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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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temperatures are expected to get into the 40s. in fact, low 40s by noon. mid-40s at 5:00 with a high today around 46, 47 degrees. look at the wind speeds, 5,, 43 miles per hour. a light wind. that will feel pretty warm. we're in the 20s now to 30 in fredericksburg. 34 winchester. yesterday morning, we had single digits on this map. we're doing a lot better. as far as the cloud cover, you can see it coming across the region. we've got some snow showers up in pennsylvania. it is dry around here. then tomorrow though, things are going to go downhill. winter storm watch is in effect south and west of us. north and east of us, we'll probably get a few in here. it looks like a wintry mix. snow to finish with rain in between. details coming up. monika samtani, how are our roads doing? >> very well. thank you for asking, howard. we're starting off with a green light. what a relief. things on the beltway in capitol heights are all clear. lanes are open on the east side of town in prince george's county, we'll take you to a live look on the northside of town.
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over at the beltway at university boulevard. a live look here where things are looking fine from 95 past this point all the way to 270, lanes are open. it looks like this on the beltway in prince george's county as well. we'll head back over to the maps and show you what it looks like. we'll zoom into 270 and a live look at route 121, it is nice and quiet as you head toward germantown down to rockville and over to the american legion bridge as well. on the west side of town. a look at your travel times, 66 looks good. the beltway, 39 5 to the toll road. in my next report, we'll look at the toll road at 5:09. back to you guys. >> hundreds of thousands of people remain under a boil water order. >> this all started yesterday morning with our break news at about this time. the rupture of a 54 inch water main. 9news now reporter surae chinn joins us live from capital heights with more on the job ahead when it comes to repairing this thing. >> good morning. crews are expected to be here
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when daylight hits. i want to show you right now, a big difference from yesterday morning. where now the gravel is covering some of the water main break area and you can see also some equipment here as well. some of the debris and this is just how forceful the pressure of the water, 54 inch water main break, 50 million gallons of water gushing on to 495. we have lynn riggins here with washington suburban sanitary commission to tell us what does the day hold today? obviously we need to fix this pipe. >> we do need to fix this pipe. obviously that's important but there are no customers affected with this main being out of service. we have a portion of this main isolated so repairs will go on but it is not something that repairs have to go on to put customers in service. everyone is in service and under a boil water advisory which is very important. wssc customers south of central avenue, we have a great interactive map on our web site if you're not sure if you're affected, please check that. you need to boil your water
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until we lift the boil water advisory. bring it to a rolling boil for one minute, let it cool. any water for consumption should be boiled. >> the big question for folks at home is how long will this boil order last? >> it will last for a couple of days. it is hard to put an exact date and time on it right now. we'll be collecting our first set of water samples later today. it does take about 18 hours or every set of samples to incubate and get the results. it is a process. it is a precaution. i do want to stress that. there is no indication of contamination in our system. it is a precaution. >> we're talking about because of the pressure. we want folks to boil the water. any consuming water such as the drinking, water that you make ice for, for your pet, washing, preparing food, brushing your teeth, those are some of the things, why you need to boil or what you need to boil for. >> exactly. the water for baby formula should be boiled. you're going to take a shower, it is fine because you're not consuming water in the shower. any water that you're using for
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drinking, cooking, should be boiled. >> lastly, how long are the repairs going to last? >> several days. we'll probably have a better idea today. and what we're going to do, how long we'll be able to leave the main out of service. whether we'll do a full inspection now or whether we'll get it back into service. we'll make the determinations later today. >> thank you, lynn riggins with wssc giving us the latest on the boil advisory and also what repair crews are going to be doing today. back to you. >> all right, surae, thank you for that update. 911 dispatchers sent an extra water tanker, a few to a fire in oxon hill because low water pressure from the water main break we were just talking about. the home at 307 corolla drive burned quickly. one woman escaped the flames by jumping out of a second floor window. firefighters ended up unfortunately finding a man's body in the basement bathroom though. he was buried under debris after the upper floors collapsed in the home. neighbors say the man was the
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homeowner. he was in his 60s. no word yet on the cause of the fire. >> cold weather also caused delays on metro yesterday. crews discovered a crack in a rail on the red line near the rockville station. a metro spokesperson said the bitter cold contributed to the crack. trains had to use a track which caused a lot of crowding on the cold outside platforms. >> prince george's county police are investigating their 15th homicide of the year. someone reported gunfire in the 5700 block of silver hill road in district heights last night. and when officers got there, at the pennsylvania station shopping center, they found a man's body in a parked car. they say they only have a vague description of the suspect so far. >> while you slept, we suspect some speechwriters were probably putting finishing touches on the state of the union address. >> it is the president's second state of the union but it is the first one in front of a congress controlled by the republicans. president obama plans to lay
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out his ideas for creating more jobs and strengthening the economy. and sitting with first lady michelle obama will be daniel hernandez. he helped save gabrielle giffords' life during the shooting rampage. another member of the obama administration is expected to announce her resignation in the next few weeks. carol browner is president obama's chief adviser on energy and climate matters. she's been a central figure in the white house's strategy of trying to get a comprehensive energy bill passed and in the administration's response to the gulf oil spill. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. up, up and away. >> we like the action, right? >> we're at a two-year high this morning. dow, 20 points away from 12,000. whether we go higher today could depend on readings on home prices, consumer confidence and of course, some economic reports or rather some earnings reports. overnight, asian stocks were higher. check the numbers here at home,
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dow stands at 11,980 points after jumping 108 in trading yesterday. the nasdaq was up by 28 points and the s&p 500 was up almost 8 points. a good economic sign coming from the latest earnings reports. american express says its quarterly profits rose 48% as credit cardholders spent more. the company's ceo says consumers, small businesses and corporate customers all increased spending last quarter. more of us are making our payments on time. get ready to pay more for burgers. the "l.a. times" reports that mcdonald's is looking to increase the price of some menu items as it tries to deal with the rising cost of beef and other ingredients. increases of up to 2.5% are expected this year and mcdids is not alone. they're expected to raise prices in the face of rising commodity costs and grocery stores began raising prices last year. >> can we be sure there's beef in the beef? >> let's hope so. >> what do we have for the next
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half hour? >> we'll be talking about taco bell for sure but we're also talking about your wallet going on a diet. >> i don't know if that's good or bad? >> it is interesting. >> that's called a tease. >> thank you, jessica. >> still, no claim of responsibility this morning after a terrorist attack in moscow. that story is coming up. >> plus, former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel loses his latest round to get on the ballot when it comes to the chicago mayor's race. look at the results of a water main break and temperatures in the single digits. a car encrusted in ice.
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coming up on 5:10 this
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tuesday morning, we'll have clouds, a little bit of sun. mostly cloudy skies. but much milder temperatures. the arctic air is gone. looking at the readings we're expecting for today, by 9:00 rnght we're look at 34. mostly cloudy. noon, 42 mostly cloudy. we'll top off at 46 or 47. by 5:00 p.m., back to 44. we'll talk about wednesday's wintry mess. right now, monika samtani has the latest timesaver traffic. >> howard, we're going to fly west on the dulles toll road coming in from herndon. in my next report, a closer look at virginia roads at 5:18. mike? >> thank you, monika. here is what is making news this morning. investigators believe it was a suicide bomber who carried out a deadly terrorist attack at moscow's busiest airport. >> the bomb killed 35 people at the international arrivals terminal and wounded 170. hundreds of people were in the loosely-guarded area at the time. security has been beefed up at
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moscow's two other major airports. chechen militants are suspected in the attack. jared loughner's attorney entered a not guilty plea monday in federal court in phoenix. he is facing attempted assassination and attempted murder charges. in the wounding of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her two aides. a 22-year-old will face state charges for the six victims who were killed and the ten others injured in that case. rahm emanuel plans to appeal a ruling on his residency to the illinois supreme court. they ruled his name should not be on the ballot in chicago's mayoral race because he violated residency requirements by not living in the city while working as white house chief staff. today, you can expect a cozy break from the bitter cold we've been having. but don't get too used to it. a wintry mix is on the way. howard has the details at 5:15 and the full forecast. could the wizards get their first road win? we have highlights. at 5:32, the latest on the boil
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howard bernstein is here with our weather first. you'll like today's forecast. >> i think you'll love today's forecast. it will be nice and mild and comfortable. >> tomorrow is going to be
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messy. it is going to be wet in spots. it is going to be icy and snowy in other spots. eventually, we'll finish with some snow. by late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. so, before we get there though, whatever day you're having or was having yesterday, it probably wasn't as bad as what happened to this person up in new york city. this is a car. there was a water main break that turned this car into an ice sculpture. the car is completely encased in ice. the driver attempted to break it out with a hammer and screwdriver. that's kind of -- didn't have a lot of luck there. backhoe came in and helped out but the wheels were frozen down. >> i read where when he turned the heater on and tried to thaw out the ice from the back window, it just exploded. >> too much of a contrast. >> oh, man! is that amazing? >> insurance man, i need a hand over here. >> all right. your bus stop forecast this morning, much more comfortable than yesterday. no single digits, no teens. just 20s and 30s. light wind. partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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what we're expecting for today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. 34 by 9:00. noontime, we're back in the low 40s. haven't been there for awhile. light southwest winds 4, 5 miles per hour. by 5:00, a light east wind and 44 degrees. highs today expected 46, 47. the cold still up in albany and parts of maine. still even that is a lot better than yesterday. looking to the south and west, we've got 40s in memphis and nashville. lexington is 35 along with raleigh. here in washington, we've got 29 degrees right now. light winds. a little bit of a wind chill. feels like it is in the low to mid-20s. humidity is 75%. our problems are coming two- fold. we've got border line cold air so we're going to have all sorts of types of precip. we've got all of the moisture down south with storm system coming in here in louisiana. then you see the other little guy, another piece of energy coming into texas. they're both going to head off to the east-northeast. at first, we'll get lighter rains, freezing rain, sleet, tomorrow morning over to rain.
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then the question marks are how bad is it going to be tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night as this upper level feature comes in with some colder air. we'll get a little burst of snow. putting everything in motion for you, the funeral cast, clouds thickening up. more sunshine north. more clouds south. even by 6:00, we're mostly cloudy to overcast. overnight, here comes some of the moisture up toward the north by 2:00 a.m. we're still mainly dry here in the district. light freezing rain or sleet or snow/rain mix here in the pink areas. some snow for eastern west virginia, western maryland. head to southern maryland, northern neck, some lighter rain. as we head toward tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., we could have light freezing rain or snow/rain mix here. that could cause a problem for the morning commute. we'll then watch this through midday. the thing that concerns me is this rain frozen line here doesn't move much. south and east, we're generally wet. north and west, we can hold ton sleet or freezing rain with
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snow over toward i-81. as we head toward the afternoon, everything starts to get colder. we get upper energy. by 5:45, it is snowing west. rain southern maryland. we're on the brink here in the district. it looks like we'll have a little snow from around 5 to 10, 5 to 11 that could add up to a few inches. looks like rain most likely south and east. a mix to rain to snow late. the farther north and west you go, the more snow we'll see and some of the areas, i'm thinking three to six inches, maybe one o three here in washington by the time it is all done. 47 today. 35 tomorrow. but colder late with all of that mix changing back to snow. then we may see a few flurries by friday. monika, over to you. all right, howard. good morning, everybody. things are look pretty good out on the roads with the exception of one accident we need to tell you about. this one is in lake rim. we'll go over to a map right now in lake ridge, west of i- 95, it is eastbound old bridge road at the prince william
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parkway which is state route 3000 i just learned. the car went into the woods at about 4:30 this morning. authorities are telling us it is going to be there for about another half hour. watch out for that here in the lake rim area. we'll head out to the beltway. things are looking good. let's zoom into i-95 and take a look. northbound from dale city through newington, a live look at the prince william parkway. things are looking fine. up on to 395, we'll head back out to the maps. this time zoom into 66 on the inbound side and take a look live here. from manassas to fairfax and all the way to the beltway, traffic is moving well as you head toward vienna. now, a look at your travel times. outer loop, 95 at 270, 10 minutes. in my next report, we'll fly to gw parkway at 5:25. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. >> brett haber learns a tough lesson on the slopes. >> and the caps try to get revenge on a team that shut them out last month.
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highlights next in sports. >> before we take a break, it is time for the question of the day...
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we've got the clouds out there. we'll see some sunny breaks. more clouds than sun and a much milder day. by 9:00, 34 here. still upper 20s in the shenandoah valley to mid-30s down south and east across the bay. lunchtime, 42. maybe 44 for manassas. we go throughout the afternoon with partly to mostly cloudy skies. we're back down to 44. 46, 47. pretty good-looking tuesday out there. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. both local
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welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika will have traffic in a
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moment. she's in for angie. we have weather first with howard. he's a busy man. >> looking at temperatures, it was like 80 in here yesterday. temperatures this afternoon, well up in the 40s. yesterday, we were 32. a lot warmer right now than we were yesterday morning by about 25 degrees or so. let's show you what's happening for our day planner. we do think temperatures will make it up into the 40s. 34 by 9:00. 42 at noon. partly to mostly cloudy skies. by 5:00 p.m., 44 degrees. currently, mostly cloudy and 29. just want to show you the temperatures here which already up to 34 in winchester and lur ray. it is 30 -- in luray. even up north, not bad with hagerstown at 36 and across the bay, we've got 20 in easton and annapolis. some clouds have been around from time to time. a few snow showers mainly up in pennsylvania. this stuff doesn't look like it is really reaching the ground. it is, a couple of light flurries. winter storm watches posted for tomorrow and tomorrow evening
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north of philly and up around the roanoke area. we're going to see a wintry mess tomorrow eventually change to some snow. in the afternoon. talk accumulations and timing when i see you a little later. right now, here's monika. >> all right, howard. good morning, everybody. we're starting off with a green light and that's because generally, around town, things are look pretty good. we do have one accident to tell you about. this one is in virginia right here eastbound on old bridge road at the prince william parkway, a vehicle went into the woods at about 4:30 this morning. you'll still find police activity there for about another half hour or so. let's head out to the maps. things look good overall. we'll zoom into the district and take a live look at the key bridge. heading in toward georgetown. also into rosslyn as well. we'll head back out to the maps and zoom into the other side of the district. this time at bening road and minnesota avenue in southeast. everything is looking fine in this area of southeast. across the anacostia river as well. if you're commuting by train, we'll take a look. everything is on time on metro,
5:28 am
vre and marc. we'll take a look at 95 in maryland at 5:39. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. while you slept, a violent end to a police chase in california. >> officers were pursuing a suspected dui driver after leading patrol cars through several communities, the chase ended in covane na when the suspect driver sideswiped film another vehicle. police took the suspect into custody but say the driver who got sideswiped was unresponsive at the scene. no word yet on his condition. a massive inland sea surge is threatening to flood more towns in victoria state, australia. the body of floodwater is nearly 56 miles long and 25 miles wide. it is now heading for a town of 10,000 people which is relying on a sandbag supported levy to stay safe. >> our breaking traffic story from yesterday morning isn't over for hundreds of thousands of wssc customers. while icy mess on the inner loop is clear, the 54 inch
5:29 am
water main bed burst has left a large part of prince george's county under a boil water order. 9news now reporter surae chinn has more on that from capitol heights, maryland. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. look, a much different picture here this morning. you can see the gravel and the dirt surrounding this water main break. when crews got a closer look, they found a six foot hole in this water pipe. you can also see some of the debris. crews will be back out here around 7:00 to 8:00. once daylight hits and work on the break. you can see all of the businesses are condemned. now, the 54 inch water main broke at 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning dumping 50 million gallons of water. it flipped cars over and damaged at least nine businesses. water spewing on to 495, 400,000 customers are now affected. a boil advisory affects a large portion of prince george's county south of central avenue
5:30 am
and landover road. you want to boil your water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing your teeth, food preparations and for your pets. >> boil water advisory is in effect until otherwise stated by wssc so for the next couple of days, customers in prince george's county, south of central avenue should be prepared to boil any water that they're going to use for consumption. and we will be collecting water samples later today. the first step. but we do collect several sets just to ensure the safety of the water in our system. so, once we collect those water samples, they'll incubate for 18 hours. >> we're talking about a huge area of prince george's county. you can see the pink area. all the way from the d.c. line to 301 down to about accokeek and all the way up to forestville and through that area. make sure, folks who are affected, bring the boiling water to a rolling boil for at
5:31 am
least one minute. back to you, andrea. >> all right, surae, thank you for the update. mike? >> thank you, andrea. >> d.c. police have made an arrest in the murder of 19- year-old latisha frazier missing since last august. 23-year-old brian gaither of southeast deust d.c. is now charged with second second- degree murder. gaither admitted to putting frasier in a choke hold and then returned two days later to find her dead. detectives say gaither told them he placed the body in a plastic bin and threw that in a dumpster and the next day, it was gone. >> one year ago today, a missing persons case turned into a murder investigation. today, police in charlottesville will talk about morgan harrington's death. the virginia tech student disappeared from a concert at john paul jones arena in october of 2009. her remains were found january 25th, 2010 on a farm about ten miles away. dna in the case has since been tied to a 2005 sexual assault in fairfax county but police have not made an arrest.
5:32 am
time now for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back. you say our wallets are going on a diet. >> this one needs to. feel how heavy that bad boy is. i gotta tell you guys, in the future, we'll be using less of this and the wallet to pay for things and more of our cell phones to swipe and go. i know there is a factor involved but the experts are saying that it is going to go away in a hurry. i. t. group predicts in the next four years, the pay by phone market will make up $22 billion in transactions from practically nothing last year. companies including visa, mastercard, google, bank of america, citi and u.s. bank are testing mobile payments. many are expected to roll out new services this year. an alabama law firm claims the beef burritos at taco bell are practically vegetarian. they found less than 35% of it
5:33 am
is beef with plenty of fillers like oats and cornstarch. the law firm is suing alleging false advertising. taco bell says it intends to fight lawsuit. >> just in time for valentine's day, chocolate prices could be going up. look at the delicious stuff on the screen there. the price of cocoa surged more than 4% yesterday alone and the reason why, political unrest in the ivory coast has led to one month export ban. tiny african country accounts for up to 40% of the world's supply of cocoa beans. prices have doubled since 2006. you're going to want to budget a little extra for your chocolates this year, for your sweetheart. >> did the prices already go up or they're on their way up? >> they're on their way up. so many of these chocolates are made with wax and all of the other ingredients. so, i wonder how this is going to -- >> taco bell and -- >> you're all set! >> jessica, thank you. >> sure thing. >> metro is about to test a new system that may make parking at
5:34 am
its stations a lot easier. i'll bet there is an app for that. >> we have app on the brain this morning. plus, dozens of people show up at a budget hearing to fight for full day kindergarten in the area's biggest school system.
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>> we have a cold morning but not the arctic, frigid stuff like yesterday. your day planner today calling for partly to mostly cloudy skies. a fairly mild day for january. especially considering where we've been. 34 by 9:00. noon, 42. look at the 3:00 temp. 46. we'll have upper 40s. by 6:00, we're down to 42. it is time for man cassam tanny's -- monika samtani's traffic update. >> all lanes blocked southbound
5:37 am
on the bw parkway as you head toward powder mill road and greenbelt. your last chance to exit is going to be route 197 as your alternate. i'll update you on the situation in my next report at 5:48. mike? >> thank you, monika. >> a commuter alert for you this morning. for those of you who hate searching for parking places at metro station. metro is actually going to test a new sensor technology coming up next month. the testing will begin at the fort totten kiss and ride lot. it will let users download a parker app from metro's web site. the app will let drivers view the availability of the 51 censored spaces. it is a year-long pilot program and if successful, metro could be adding its other parking lots. >> as the area's largest school system debates next year's budget, another issue is coming to the forefront. the fairfax county school board held a budget hearing with public comments last night but many of the nearly 70 speakers
5:38 am
focused on kindergarten. 37 elementary schools in the county do not have full day kindergarten. a number of parents and educators want that changed. >> teachers that teach and students must learn. >> a few years ago, fairfax county did plan to put full day kindergarten into all of its elementary schools by this year. but that plan was one of the many things scrapped after the recession forced budget cuts. >> oprah reveals a family secret. more on the surprise she got this past thanksgiving. >> plus, president obama prepares for his first state of the union where his party is not in the majority in congress. ♪
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leftover desserts, boardroom, now. and hurry before the interns get here. thanks but i already have some yummy black forest cake. black forest cake? ♪
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so? [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? try yoplait light. and i've lost weight. [ female announcer ] with 30 delicious flavors, all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. >> howard bernstein is in. take your exercise routine
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outside today. >> today is going to be a lot easier than yesterday morning. a lot more comfortable with temperature in the upper 20s than in the single digits. >> weatherwise, a good day for you. we'll be a lot milder. looking at the readings this morning with your, temps to be in the 30s with light winds. i was out on the weather terrace, left the earmuffs off. it was pretty comfortable out there under partly to mostly cloudy skies. sun is up. setting at 5:21. the day planner today, we'll feature plenty of clouds. some sunny breaks at times and the noontime temperature of 42. light winds notice that, southwest at 4 east at 3. 45 degrees will be your 4:00 temperature after topping off 46, 47. now, 1:00, 2:00, 41 by 8:00. it will be after midnight overnight when we have some precipitation moving in. temperatures will be border line for rain, snow, a little sleet, a little mix.
5:43 am
right now, 30 in ocean city. it is 34 norfolk. still 16 in providence. really cold stuff. and new england. that's the last of the arctic air pulling away. we've got readings in the mid 20s to upper 20s in fairfax county. rockville, also 28. columbia and andrews at 26. here in washington this morning, we sit at a more comfortable 29 degrees. we're reasonable 239 degrees with a south-southwest wind at 9. a lot of areas have calm winds. here's what we're look at. lots of moisture. you see one piece coming into texas. the other piece of the storm, has a lot of rainfall with it across the south now. through louisiana with some stornls down in the gulf of mexico. this is all moving off to the east-northeast. a little bit of snow off to our east and northeast. that's not really a problem. look at the future cast. today won't be a problem. the clouds will be advancing. by 5:00 p.m., breaks still possible north of town. we'll get mostly cloudy. in fact, overnight toward 2:00,
5:44 am
this is when we start to see some snow and rain mixing in. north and west of town. maybe a plain old cold rain southern maryland and the northern neck. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., north and west. we're looking at a wintry mix, perhaps snow still northern shenandoah valley, western maryland. as we go throughout the day, the second piece over texas comes over. things will start to get colder but middle of the day, we're still looking at a wintry mix with rain south and east into mid afternoon. 5:00, the shenandoah valley, it is snowing down toward leesburg. things will change to snow everywhere before this thing pulls out. we're potentially looking at one to three inches here in town by tomorrow night. maybe three to five, six north and west. 47 today. 35 tomorrow. eventually, we all go to snow. thursday, 39. looking better over the weekend. a few flurries possible on friday. monika? >> howard, you know, it doesn't take us long to get to the yellow light and a traffic alert right now. that's because of a problem we're having in prince george's county. we're going to take you over too a map and tell you what's
5:45 am
going on on the bw parkway on the southbound side where there is police activity here at powder mill road, all lanes are blocked. you can go no further than powder mill road on the southbound side of the bw parkway. police activity there. your alternate routes either get off early at route 198 and take that right over to 95 to head south or use route one as your alternate. we'll keep you posted on that situation. on the other side of town in lake rim right here, a car went into the woods at 4:30 this morning, eastbound old bridge road at the prince william parkway, there is a lane blocked. you'll have to follow police directions to get through there. i think it will be there for about another half an hour. volume on the outer loop, we'll take a live look from university boulevard to georgia avenue. it is looking a little slow. otherwise, all of your lanes are open. a quick look at travel times, inbound 66, 7100 to the beltway is 11 minutes. the toll road to the beltway, 7 minutes. we'll update you on the bw parkway at 5:56. back to you.
5:46 am
president obama gearing up to deliver his second state of the union address tonight. >> the white house is keeping tight-lipped on the details but we know the focus will be on jobs and the economy. >> reporter: tonight, president obama is expected to lay out his plan for getting americans back to work. >> i think you'll hear the president talk about a whole host of economic things including getting our fiscal house in order. >> in his second state of the union address, the president will highlight the need to make u.s. companies more competitive and ready to hire. he'll call for new incentives and investments on everything from education to green energy to roads and bridges. but funding those programs may be difficult. an online preview of his speech over the weekend immediately raised red flags among republicans. >> the presidents look for every opportunity to spend more money. >> house republicans will take up a vote that would reduce government spending. the g.o.p. has already vowed to cut $100 billion from the budget this
5:47 am
year. >> obama wants to keep spending money. he feels that if you don't, the fragile economic recovery could end. but the republicans are saying look, we need to cut. >> the president will discuss the need to reduce the deficit but it isn't clear whether he'll outline specifics or endorse recommendations by a bipartisan deficit commission. >> we're not going to have a debate in washington about whether we need to make some changes. we're going to have hopefully a bipartisan discussion and work together on how we go about doing that. >> that bipartisanship could begin to take shape tonight when some republicans and democrats break with tradition and sit together. in together. inez for cbs news. >> we'll have the state of the union at 9:00 p.m. then we'll have reaction at 11:00 to the president's remarks. >> making news at 5:51, police in florida say a wanted man was the one who killed two officers in a shoot-out. officers were trying to serve a
5:48 am
warrant on an assault charge yesterday in st. petersburg. and they were told the suspect was hiding in the attic. but the suspect apparently started firing before back-up arrived. one officer died, trying to rescue his wounded comrade. >> the woman accused of kidnapping an infant from a new york city hospital, 23 years ago, will stay in jail. a judge ordered ann pettway to be held without bail. the fbi says the 49-year-old woman confessed to taking carlina white in 1987 and raising the girl as her own. the young woman recently reunited with her birth parents. >> oprah winfrey revealing she has a half sister she never knew about. the talk show host told her audience her mother gave up her sister for adoption almost 50 years ago. only identified as patricia lives in milwaukee. oprah met her for the first time on thanksgiving. we'll answer our question of the day when we come back. >> plus, why maryland's new football coach may have to
5:49 am
worry just as much about what his players are doing in the classroom as they are on the field. jess? >> how would you like to get some free healthcare. i'll tell you how to get it this year including free flu shots and vaccinations for your kids. you're watching 9news now.
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5 minutes until the 6:00 a.m. hour, we have a warm day for you, relatively speaking. cloud and sunny breaks. by lunchtime, we're going to be around 42 here. mid-40s off to the south and west. by afternoon, still a mix of some sun north with clouds south. temperatures in the mid-40s. we'll top off around 46, 47. during the 6:00 a.m. hour, we'll talk more about the wintry mess. here's monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> we're check on incident on the bw parkway southbound which has all lanes blocked at powder mill road with police activity. we'll update you on the situation and all of your alternate routes at 6:00. andrea, mike? >> thank you, monika. it is 5:56. time to answer the question of the day. >> this product invented back in the 1950s was said to be a good cleaning agent for your dishwasher. what is it? a, diet soda. b, tang or c, gatorade? >> it is scary to think either would be good in the dishwasher
5:53 am
but the answer is tang. it was invented in 1957 and introduced to the public in 1959 and sold as a modern breakfast beverage which was able to provide a full day's supply of vitamin c. i remember drinking it as a kid. >> me, too. >> they touted this on the commercials, the astronauts took it into space in 1965. tang went into space on a couple of missions on gemini and apollo. >> at the peak of popularity in the '60s and '70s, the households consumed it on a regular basis. >> ralph friedgen may have made the maryland football team a success on the field. >> but the program could be headed for some ncaa sanctions. the reports have been released. maryland's football program is now 11th. >> the of 12 schools in the acc ahead of only florida state. the graduation rate of maryland football players has dropped
5:54 am
each of the last five years. the school could face sanctions including the loss of scholarships. >> well, we've reported earlier that redskins player brian arapaho would be headed to the pro bowl. now fletcher is going to join him in hawaii. he replace brian early acker. >> there are going to be a lot of substitutions for the packer players. >> the georgetown men's basketball team started a schedule with the 1-4 record. >> not too impressive. >> the hoyas have a chance to hit the .500 mark with a game against saint johns. lou holder with more. >> after losing three straight, the hoyas can now win three straight. a rematch against st. johns on wednesday night, a team they lost to earlier in the year. the typical ebbs and flows of a schedule. >> we didn't play a great game. we were a little off.
5:55 am
so, we're anxious to play. we're preparing. going to correct our mistakes. >> coach thompson knows the brutal big east is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. >> however, the league looks right now at the end of the year, it could look very different. you have to put all of your energy into the next game. there have been times in the past we've started off very well and then not done as well. this year we started off poorly. we want to do better as we get toward the end. both scenarios, there's time. >> the hoyas can't look past saint johns but there is a good one brewing at number eight, villanova. in georgetown, lou holder, 9news now. ok. not only did the wizards lose last night's game in new york, one of their rookies also had a wardrobe malfunction. see that guy right there? kevin started the game with his shorts on backwards. >> wow. >> during the first quarter time-out, the teammates formed a wall around him so he could
5:56 am
rearrange his shorts so to speak. on the bench. >> maybe it was initially a protest. >> ok. >> we're going to win this one for you. >> trying to change. >> change the mojo. >> with the road win. >> remember the video of the guy whose pants were falling down before. >> he did better. >> all right. thank you for watching 9news at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani will have traffic for angie while she's on
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